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Digital Marketing Concepts

If you are in a business, you should be there on Facebook!

How to create a facebook business page and maintain it to maximise your RoI.

10 Terms That You Should Know in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers have their own language, just like doctors and lawyers. Since its constantly evolving, the dictionary is still in making.. As a digital marketer, it is important to know some of the most poplar terms used to increase the confidence in your strategic communication. Here’s Top 10 terms that you should know in Digital…
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What is Primary, Social etc. on Gmail?

Imagine your important email getting lost and unanswered in thousands of promotional emails or social media updates. After all, business and personal emails are more important than any other information that you received on email. When emails started growing in numbers, very smartly GMAIL realised to unclutter your Inbox. That’s how Gmail Tabs came into…
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