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Digital Marketing Concepts

Is your Business on LinkedIn?

With over 660+ million users currently, LinkedIn is about building connections and networks. It has the ability to tap into the existing connections and grow your business through word of mouth. It is one of the top-rated social networks for lead generation. LinkedIn is an online social platform for professional networking. It helps people in…
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GO LOCAL: Hyper-Local Marketing

The world is becoming more and more digitized. Customers don’t just search for products or services, they want to get these results at arm’s length. Hyper-local Marketing helps such google search users to look for services or business around their area. Users rely on local-based search results to get the most relevant option. This certainly…
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If you are in a business, you should be there on Facebook!

How to create a facebook business page and maintain it to maximise your RoI.

10 Terms That You Should Know in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers have their own language, just like doctors and lawyers. Since its constantly evolving, the dictionary is still in making.. As a digital marketer, it is important to know some of the most poplar terms used to increase the confidence in your strategic communication. Here’s Top 10 terms that you should know in Digital…
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Hashify # Your Post

It all started when a twitter user named Chris Messina tweeted on Twitter with the pound sign “#” in August 2007. He said he used it to categorize the word and make the search easier for users. From then on twitter started using hashtags, and now we see it everywhere. He’s credited as the godfather…
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