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Digital Marketing for Growth Hacking

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Our powerful Digital Marketing Strategies bring amazing ROI along with ROE

Social Media Campaigns

Our highly engaging content attracts target customers and builds brand value

Email Marketing Campaigns

We build strategies for quality lead generation and high conversion

Market Research and Trainings

Our in-Depth research, trainings and analysis helps companies to strategise

Our goal
Integrated Marketing Communications

Shail Digital is a leading Digital Marketing and Content service provider. We believe content is at the centre of all your marketing effort. And content communicated with relevance and context wins the business!

Digital Marketing through Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC) means, delivering same message across multiple marketing platforms. The American Marketing Association defines IMC as ”a planning process to assure all brand contacts received by a customer … for a product, service or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.”
IMC brings great brand value, competitive advantage, cost effective strategy for customer acquisition.

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A few things we’re great at

Story Telling

Every product or service has a story, a story that connects to their audience. We are emotional, empathetic, creative, humorous story-tellers. This helps us to create a content thats liked and responded by the target audience leading to higher conversions.

Managing Budgets

As a marketer we always look for low-bid strategies. But when it comes to promotions we are overwhelmed with ideas that cost money. 
Our secret recipe for marketing budget is based on segments and helps to get you higher ROI.

On-Time Delivery

If the targets are not
achieved on time then the services offered are of no use. We believe in the saying “Time waits for none”. Hence our agenda is to focus on providing great services to the customers by following a stringent timeline.

Email Marketing

Email is the most preferred medium of communication. It helps to connect with your customers and build your brand. It works as a great tool to retain customers, re-engage old customers and nurture new contacts. Here’s the four-key benefits of email marketing


Segmenting helps to narrow the target audience to more specific set. Relevant content to such a group, leads to higher conversion.


An email leads the customers to other channels like blogs, articles. This, in turn, helps in building brand image.


An automation tool is one of the most effective ways for Email Marketing, you can send
consistent email on scheduled times, and also revoke the interactions.

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Email Marketing provides plethora of metrics to measure all the activities and understand your customer’s digital behaviour.


There are approximately 1.2 billion people on social media that we cannot miss out on. Every individual spends enough time on social media. Whether your business is small or highly recognized in the world, social media presence is very important for successful marketing. Social Media Marketing provides brand recognition, builds a customer relationship, boots traffic, and is
cost-effective. Here are a few benefits of Social Media Marketing:


Builds brand and credibility as there are a wide range of customers online.


Helps you identify the customer’s demographics, interests and preferences. 


Social media promotions costs much less than any other promotions.

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Through social media, you can actually find many brand ambassadors amongst your clients/ customers.


Web Analytics refers to the analysis of website data, so as to enable the business to attract more visitors and retain the existing customers. It is the key to measure your ROI and to decide in
which direction is your business growing. It also helps you evaluate your marketing efforts and key aspects to further strategize your business.

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When it comes to market research, we are thorough and detail oriented. We use technology and tools to deliver our studies in most comprehensive manner. This helps companies to further strategise to accelerate their business.

We also provide customisable, flexible and scalable digital marketing training. We understand what we deliver and we ensure that we deliver in most simplistic manner.

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Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident, it happens by design. We are dedicated to provide ultimate customer experience and satisfaction.

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