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Digital Marketing Concepts

Inside the Success of Viral Social Media Campaigns

Explore the secrets behind impactful social media campaigns through real-world examples from leading brands. From Amul’s timely and witty topical ads to Swiggy’s viral ‘Voice of Hunger’ challenge, discover how brands like Zomato, Dunzo, and Spotify leverage humor, user-generated content, and personalization to engage audiences effectively. These case studies exemplify the power of creativity, community-building, and staying relevant in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Impact of Apple’s iOS 15 On Email Marketing

Click and Open Rate are two important metrics for measuring email success for an email marketer. This time Apple has announced its update on iPhone which will affect the method by which email marketers use the open rate metric. This iOS 15 Update will impact email marketing.  WHAT IS THIS NEW PRIVACY UPDATE? “Privacy has…
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