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Digital Marketing Concepts

6 Email Automation Campaign for an E-Commerce Business

Automated Email Campaigns are the most powerful and inevitable tool for communicating with your customers. As an E-Commerce marketer, you have a unique opportunity to add value through email marketing. Email Automation can help in enhancing customer experience by ensuring that the right people receive the right content at the right time. Email Marketing Automation…
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HubSpot Marketing Hub: 7 Features that you should know

A good marketing tool is a great asset for any organization to execute, track and improve its marketing strategies. Such as Hubspot Marketing Hub, a marketing software used by marketers all around the world. There are ample digital marketing tools in the market to choose from for your day-to-day marketing activities. However, HubSpot Marketing Hub…
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Shail Digital is now a Hubspot Solutions Provider

Shail Digital is now a Hubspot Solutions Provider

Shail Digital has joined HubSpot’s Solutions Provider Program. HubSpot, a leading growth platform, works hand-in-hand with partner experts to grow their businesses through inbound software, services, and support.

Social Media Management tools

Tools for Social Media management

In this article, you will learn most popular social media management tools.