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Digital Marketing Concepts

Sending Bulk Emails: Tips To Avoid Spamming?

Bulk email, often known as mass email, is an email/ message sent to many people at once. Sending bulk emails to all the subscribers on your subscriber list can be appealing and is frequently cost-effective. But unfortunately, 17 out of 100 emails could only hit the inbox. Despite your efforts to ensure the success of…
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Best Email marketing tools 2024

Best Email Marketing Tools to Use in 2024

In an era where every click counts, no one wants to spend precious hours crafting emails that don’t captivate their audience. And that’s where an email marketing tool comes in. An email marketing tool can be any software or platform that helps you create, send, and track email campaigns. It simplifies designing emails, managing subscriber…
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LinkedIn Statistics Every B2B Marketer Needs to Know in 2023

LinkedIn has transformed from a simple professional networking platform into a treasure trove of opportunities for marketers. It’s no longer just a place to connect with colleagues; it’s a hub for discovering valuable content. 92% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn over social networks for building their brand and establishing themselves as industry experts. Smart brands…
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Digital Marketing Agency Or In-House Team: Which Is Better For Your Company?

A successful business relies on an effective marketing strategy that draws in customers, boosts revenue, and establishes a reliable brand. Some people think having their own marketing team is the way to go, while others find it easier to use a digital agency. Deciding between a digital marketing agency and an in-house team depends on…
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SaaS Marketing: Everything you need to know about it

SaaS Marketing is analysing and addressing a customer’s pain points at each stage of their journey. The purpose of building a SaaS marketing campaign is to generate leads for which you should have a strong lead magnet. To know the lead magnet a SaaS campaign should understand the buyer persona at every stage of the…
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SaaS Marketing Strategies: Think of it as B2C

Software as a Service (SaaS) products needs a unified marketing approach. SaaS marketing strategies involve the use of all marketing channels as the product as well as the target audience; both are in the digital space. Thus, marketing efforts need to stand out to attract new customers that will sign-up for the long haul. Although…
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A landing page (LP) is a page that you “land” on by clicking an ad or a campaign or link. As you browse and navigate the internet, you visit landing pages all the time. The goal of creating the landing pages is to convert the traffic into leads. If the landing pages are optimised, the…
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Have you ever heard of the term ‘shadowbanning’? That monster is what keeps young “influencers” awake at night. The infamous Instagram “shadowban” can be applied to you for a variety of reasons, one of which is your hashtag selection. Hashtags are a great way to increase your Instagram followers and reach more people. When you…
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Impact of Apple’s iOS 15 On Email Marketing

Click and Open Rate are two important metrics for measuring email success for an email marketer. This time Apple has announced its update on iPhone which will affect the method by which email marketers use the open rate metric. This iOS 15 Update will impact email marketing.  WHAT IS THIS NEW PRIVACY UPDATE? “Privacy has…
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7 Things That Will Help You Prepare For A Virtual Interview

The job market is booming again. Bigger corporates are on a hiring spree, but the office hasn’t started in full swing. Candidates are in their hometown and the trend of “virtual interview” is the new normal for recruiters. Being a remote recruiter and arranging for virtual interviews, I felt the need to have some guidelines…
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