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SaaS Marketing Strategies: Think of it as B2C

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SaaS Marketing Strategies: Think of it as B2C

Software as a Service (SaaS) products needs a unified marketing approach. SaaS marketing strategies involve the use of all marketing channels as the product as well as the target audience; both are in the digital space. Thus, marketing efforts need to stand out to attract new customers that will sign-up for the long haul.

Although a SaaS product seems to be used by B2B customers, a SaaS marketing strategy looks very much like a B2C strategy. Remodelling lead generation with effective content planning plays an important role in SaaS marketing strategies. You need to attract quality visitors to your SaaS website, capture their information and put them into a nurturing sequence until they are ready to purchase.

SaaS lead generation strategies can help you increase the volume of leads and also the quality of the prospects on your marketing lists. They all go through the below 4 stages of integration, analysing, acting and optimizing, before finally getting into execution and delivery.

SaaS Marketing Strategies
Stages in SaaS lead generation Strategies

SaaS marketing strategies will help you supercharge your lead generation. 

1. Enhance Your Content Marketing

Content helps you to showcase the benefits of your SaaS products and communicate your brand values. Without high-quality content, you can’t expect to attract leads and customers. So, keep updating your blog with relevant, informative, useful, and unique content. For instance, how-to guides are always a good idea for SaaS solutions. The following content ideas can help you in SaaS marketing:

  • Step-by-step tutorials for using your software;
  • Tips for picking the right software;
  • Tips for choosing the right provider;
  • Tutorials for completing particular tasks;
  • Tips and tricks for boosting productivity with certain tools, etc.;

The key is to provide actionable tips that your readers can apply instantly and benefit from quickly.

It can be challenging to continually publish new content. This is why you should consider repurposing your existing pieces. Some of the social media engagements like – regular interactions with your followers, responding with comments and messages, asking questions, can help you drive quality traffic to your website.  It’s also vital to include a compelling CTA whenever you share a piece of content that will drive people to take an action.

2. High-Converting Drip Campaign

According to the latest lead generation statistics, 42% of businesses see email as one of the most effective channels for lead nurturing. Email can help you in educating your prospects about your SaaS product. Since they have opted in, it’s important to demonstrate what value you will bring. This further helps in qualifying your leads and converting them into customers. Drip Campaigns have proven to be one of the most effective SaaS lead generation strategies.

3. Offer Free Trials, Discounts, and Referral Rewards

Word-of-mouth marketing brings lots of referrals. For every referral a customer brings, you can offer specific discounts and this will motivate your customers to spread the word about your software. Also, you can offer discounts to both first-time software subscribers and existing customers.

Brands lose on good prospects due to a lack of a free trial version. A free trial to SaaS application can give customers higher confidence in the product.  Research shows that customers, who are converted from a trial version to a premium version, will be a long-term customers. Some provide a free demo, but that may not always be enough to make a decision. So, you should let your target customers get a good feel of your SaaS solutions through a free trial. It’s the best way for them to explore the features and evaluate whether it’s the right choice for their needs.

4. SEO process

Search engine optimization is one of the most critical processes in the SaaS business. To have an effective SEO strategy means to boost your online visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website. Optimizing your website and every piece of content for relevant keywords helps you rank high in SERPs (search engine results pages) and this is one of the most effective SaaS strategies.

Typically, SaaS SEO involves increasing a platform’s organic search visibility to put them in front of customers who are:

  • Searching for your software
  • Searching for information about software like yours
  • Ready to purchase software like yours
  • Looking to consume content that’s related to your software.

Thinking about SaaS SEO in terms of ‘personas and problems,’ you need to know what makes a successful strategy that drives the traffic from the right people and presents your SaaS platform as a solution. 

Many SaaS companies turn to performance marketing (PPC, social ads, affiliate marketing, etc.) to rapidly scale new customer acquisition.

With so many software companies out there, the SaaS marketplace place has become crowded, making it more of a commodity product. Thus, you need to think of it as B2C marketing. The only differentiator is to have an “amazing product” that can solve real-life problems. Also, a product that is easy to use includes, the latest features, standards-compliant, affordable and offers great technical support, definitely stands a chance to win the race!