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GO LOCAL: Hyper-Local Marketing

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GO LOCAL: Hyper-Local Marketing

Hyper Local Marketing
Hyper-Local Marketing

The world is becoming more and more digitized. Customers don’t just search for products or services, they want to get these results at arm’s length. Hyper-local Marketing helps such google search users to look for services or business around their area. Users rely on local-based search results to get the most relevant option. This certainly calls for every business to start hyperlocal marketing.

What is Hyper-Local Marketing?

A highly targeted form of marketing that specifically goes after local and neighbourhood-based buyers near your location that are ready to buy right now. It is different from social media marketing where the users are scrolling through their newsfeed and are going through the website for buying a product or a service. Hyper-Local marketing targets those people who are actively looking for a product or a service in their neighbourhood.

How is it different from an E-commerce business?

Every e-commerce store faces problems of logistical challenges for on-time delivery, negative perception of frauds, late replies, etc. This can be resolved with the help of hyper-local marketing. When a business is listed locally, the online customer is in the vicinity of the business. Customers know the area, physical location of the business that builds trust among them and guarantees that they will get the product or service within the specified time, unlike an e-commerce store which might take a day or two.

How to use Hyper- Local marketing strategy to grow your business?

Here are Four pointers that we use to get started-

1. Optimize your Google My Business listing: 

For small business owners, it is important to optimize their Google My Business to rank within the google pact results. Essential things that include in Google My Business Listing are:

  • A unique business description with relevant keywords
  • Adding high- quality pictures
  • The business address should be concise and consistent with the address mentioned on your website
  • Make sure to add your local number
  • Set operating hours and working days
  • Add a primary category that describes your business service.

2. Optimize your website to target the local buyers on the search engines:

Optimize your site for SEO so that customers can easily find your products/services and visit your website. Ensure that your site is easy to navigate.

3. Generate tons of reviews for your business:

Users while searching for a product/service checks reviews and the average rating. Make sure to generate reviews for your business. A large number of quality reviews result in higher sales and ranking.

4. Add internal links in your blog posts:

Adding linking structure in your posts helps Google to better understand what are you associated with locally and helps you rank better organically. Make sure every webpage should link to other pages on your website.

Bonus tip:

Before planning to start with the Hyper-Local marketing strategy, it is important to know how well your business is doing in the local market. Monitor the user’s behaviour on your website and analyze the traffic received. Hype-Local marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to get potential clients.

Author: Shraddha Jain