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Facebook Algorithm – know the basics

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Facebook Algorithm – know the basics

Why do some posts go viral with engagement while others fall off with just a few courtesy likes? After all, all brands put in a lot of effort to create those posts. Let’s look at how the Facebook algorithm works. The Facebook algorithm ranks all the posts from friends and fans. It determines “meaningful interactions” based on how fans and friends interact with the posts.

If the brands are looking to optimise their opportunity on social media, they must know the significant changes the platform has made. There have been new features added to Facebook advertising in 2020. The platform made necessary changes with an emphasis on privacy, transparency, and creating an improved user experience. Here’s the recipe of the Facebook algorithm.

4 Factors for Content Ranking





The Facebook algorithm estimates to select the most relevant post for users from thousands of potential posts that may be displayed in the newsfeed. It analyses the posts and arranges them in a way the users would like to perceive. Its aim is to give the user a better overall experience.

1 #Inventory: The inventory refers to the stock of all the content that can be displayed to a user on Facebook’s newsfeed. It includes everything that is posted from friends and publishers.

2 #Signals: Signals are the information that Facebook gathers about a piece of content. Signals are the only factor that you have control over. These are your inputs that Facebook interprets, type of content, age, purpose, and more.

3 #Predictions: Predictions refer to the behavior of the user and how likely are they believed to have a positive interaction with the content.

4 #Score: The score is the final number that is assigned to every piece of content based on the likelihood the users respond to.

How to Improve the Ranking?

The Facebook algorithm looks at three major interactions of your fans on your post. The quality of your post is decided based on the level of interaction.

Commenting: Commenting is at the core of the updated Facebook algorithm. Posts that lead to the high value of comments will show more in the newsfeed. These are the posts that generate engagement between the users.

Sharing: The algorithm rewards posts that are being shared. Facebook posts that are shared within messenger and also business posts that has engagement when shared by friends. The posts that are shared and lead to conversations between the people will be valued.

Reactions: Reactions are a form of active engagement. Facebook is more likely to show your posts if there are more people likey to react on your posts.

Facebook has announced that it will limit the number of ads a page can run in 2020. Brands will need to understand the internal priorities that will help them in adapting to the new changes Facebook algorithm has made.

Facebook algorithms does not like…

  • Posts that include spammy content
  • Repeated content
  • Clickbait and Like-bait
  • Posts that are hidden or reported
  • Too much promotional content
  • Posts with unusual engagement patterns
  • Posts with just weblinks

Hope you find this useful for creating more impactful, relevant and highly engaging content for your Facebook Business page. After all, a large set of audience is on the platform by choice!

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